Intex Wet Vinyl Plastic Repair Patch
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Brand Intex
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 6 cm x 20 cm
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  • 6 patches per package
  • Repair kit to patch holes in your inflatable items

Fix that annoying leak in your pool or rubber raft with this Intex Wet Vinyl Plastic Repair Patch. It repairs vinyl products including floating rafts, inner tubes and swimming pools. This is a wet-set adhesive plastic repair patch so you don't have to dry the item you are repairing. It works to repair many vinyl products so you can use this set over and over. The vinyl patch repair kit comes in a 6-Pack so you can keep it on hand to fix accidents as they happen or make several repairs already needed. The Intex patch repair is designed specifically to work with INTEX products. 

Repair Instruction

• Clean and dry repair area thoroughly
• Cut patch larger than repair area
• Remove paper backing, place patch over hole, and PRESS DOWN FIRMLY
•  Do not inflate for 30 minutes

Size 19cmx15cmx13cm


What's in the box

X1 Intex Wet Vinyl Plastic Repair Patch